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Use Field & Main’s simple fixed-rate loan calculator tool to get an idea as to what your loan’s interest rate and monthly payments will be.

Fixed-rate loans offer:

  • A consistent interest rate
  • Consistent payments for no-guess budgeting
  • A variety of term lengths

Flexible, straightforward terms make this option simple, and competitive rates make it affordable. Ask one of our mortgage experts if you qualify.

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Common Questions Regarding Fixed-Rate Loans:


What is a fixed-rate loan?

Fixed-rate loans have interest rates that don’t adjust over time. Considering your monthly payments will never change, much of your monthly budgeting guesswork is reduced. The rate that you initially agreed upon with your lender will last throughout the entirety of the loan. Use Field & Main’s simple fixed-rate loan calculator tool to get an idea as to what your loan’s interest rate and monthly payments will be.


What is a conforming fixed-rate loan?

Sometimes called a “conventional” mortgage, a conforming fixed-rate loan adheres to preset principles that have been determined by the size of the loan and lender. Because of this, conforming loans can potentially feature a more attractive interest rate than other loans (like FHA loans, for example).


What’s the difference between fixed-rate loans and variable rate loans?

A fixed-rate loan will protect you against spikes in interest rates, whereas a variable rate loan’s rates can (and will) change.

For example: The interest rate of a fixed-rate loan obtained in 2020 will stay the same until it’s paid off in full. A variable rate loan’s rate that was obtained at the same time might dip lower than the rate that was set for the fixed-rate loan, but it also might spike to a much higher rate.


Can I switch from a variable to a fixed interest rate?

If you’ve found yourself needing an alternate type of loan after securing one with a variable interest rate, you might have the opportunity to refinance it for a fixed interest rate.
This is a route some individuals take to potentially secure a lower rate if they’ve been affected by a spike in monthly payments.


Can I secure a fixed-rate loan with bad credit?

There’s a chance that you could secure a fixed-rate loan with a sub-par credit score, however, you most likely won’t secure the same rate as someone with a higher credit score.


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