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Cash Management

Field & Main® offers a solution to help you manage cash flow for your business. ​​Fully integrated with Field & Main online banking, cash management services provide you with greater control and online service all day, every day.

Wire Transfers


  • Domestic transfers
  • Online or in-person submissions
  • Ability to schedule recurring wires


  • Move funds quickly/securely
  • Saves time
  • Increases efficiency
  •  View transactions online and in real-time
  •  Reduce check processing costs
  •  Access to dual control & secured processing

Automatic Clearing House (ACH)


  • Non-urgent payments
  • Ability to schedule ACH
  • Reverse transactions


  • Reduce cost and increase safety
  • Reduces the need for checks
  • Employee payroll direct deposit
  • Access to dual control & secured processing
  • Same-day ACH capability (subject to fees)

Online Banking


  • Individual user IDs/passwords
  • Password reset option
  • Person-To-Person money transfers
  • Unique security tokens for each user
  • E-statements
  • Access to BillPay
  • Payment cancellation
  • Check ordering system


  • Access employee information
  • 24-hour access
  • Print monthly statements
  • Take advantage of superior security
  • Internal loan payment transfers
  • Review account balances & activity
  • Transfer funds between accounts

Remote Deposit


  • Same-day settlements
  • Scanned check storage
  • Single check feed machine
  • Multiple check feed machine


  • Convenience without having to leave your office
  • Same day deposits
  • Saves time
  • Reduces time away from work
  • Increases work efficiency
  • Record retention
  • Secured transactions
  • Hardware/software user training
  • Extends daily deposit deadlines
  • Fraud prevention
  • Bank technical support provided

Mobile Banking


  • Downloadable app
  • Transfer funds from one account to another
  • Access account statements
  • View images of cleared checks
  • Review banking transactions
  • Multiple “alert” settings available
  • Pay bills
  • I-Phone® or Android™ compatible


  • Fast and convenient
  • 24-7 access

Sweep Accounts


  • Ability to earn higher interest rates
  • Overdraft protection
  • Ability to sweep excess funds to borrowing line of credit


  • Reduce line of credit interest expense
  • Increase interest income
  • Eliminate return check charges

Positive Pay


  • Checks presented for payment must match a file of authorized checks you submit in order to be paid
  • Electronic file of authorized checks can be submitted daily


  • Automated fraud prevention
  • Receive daily notification of incoming checks
  • Review checks prior to posting
  • Easily approve checks presented for payment via online banking

Merchant Services


  • Alternative payment method
  • Dedicated sales representative
  • No sales contracts
  • 24-hour settlements


  • Customer convenience
  • Competitive merchant pricing
  • Commit for as long as you want
  • Deposit directly into a business account
  • Track credit card sales daily
Business Credit Cards

Business Credit Cards


  • Visa® network support
  • Combined employee purchases
  • Individual employee credit cards
  • Fraud prevention
  • Branch/online/telephone pay options
  • Option to add cardholders
  • Online application
  • Quick credit decisions


  • Use accurate accounting records
  • VISA® merchant protection
  • “Float” time savings
  • Separate business expenses from personal expenses
  • Consolidated monthly activity statements
  • Control credit lines per card
  • Company accumulative reward points
  • Chip card fraud prevention
  • Use comprehensive reporting
  • Fraud prevention monitoring
  • Eliminate fraud liability
  • Available in emergency situations


Common Questions Regarding Cash Management:


Are Field & Main’s cash management services integrated with online banking?

With the exception of credit cards, they are fully integrated with Field & Main’s online banking.

Are these services accessible online at any time?

Online services are accessible all day, every day.

How will cash management services benefit my business?

Since they are fully integrated with online banking, it provides you with greater control of your cash flows and accessibility whenever you need it.

Can I export my data into financial management software?

Yes, you can export data in a variety of formats.



If you’d like to further familiarize yourself with Cash Management, take a deeper dive into the topic here. Discover the fundamentals and read some Field & Main success stories.

Contact us here to talk to a cash management representative today. You can also visit any of our convenient locations in Henderson, Lexington, or Cynthiana, Kentucky, and Evansville, Indiana.  Let’s discover how you can boost your business’s cash flow.


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