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At Field & Main Bank®, we want to give you tools and services to ensure that your banking experience is everything you want it to be. Beyond that, we want to boost your knowledge so you can save, invest and spend smarter. If you can’t find what you need here or want to provide feedback please visit our contact us page.

If your card is missing, let us know immediately.
We’ll help minimize your loss and send over a new card right away. To report a lost or stolen card, call us at (833) 462-0798

Before you can use your new Field & Main debit card, you’ll need to call and have it activated and set your new PIN. Call (800) 992-3808 to activate your card or use it at a Field & Main ATM.

If you’ve forgotten your personal identification number for your Field & Main debit card, or if you simply need to reset it, call us at (800) 424-1990

If you did not authorize or do not recognize a transaction, you may dispute it. Pending transactions may have an unfamiliar amount or description until it is posted, so please allow the transaction to post to your account before it is disputed. If you have a merchant dispute due to merchandise not being received or as described, please contact the merchant before a dispute is filed. Please confirm that the purchases were not made by other account holders of this account.

Give us a call at (833) 462-0798 and choose option 3.

To reorder checks online from Harland Clarke, our preferred provider, visit the login to Harland Clarke. Ordering checks online from Harland Clarke is as safe and secure as ordering them in person or over the phone. The site is Verisign secure and TruSecure certified, so your transactions  and account information are safe and completely confidential

Staying in control of your cards has never been more important. Maintain control of your debit card anytime, anywhere with the CardValet™ app. These convenient features help protect you from debit card fraud giving you well-deserved peace of mind:

  • Get alerts on transactions
  • Lock your cards, in an instant, for any reason
    Block international usage
  • Control transactions by category (gas, restaurant, online or mobile purchases, etc.)

Add all of your Field & Main debit cards to your CardValet™ app, including personal, business, ATM, HSA and HELOC.

Watch this short video to see how CardValet™ helps protect your Field & Main debit card.

CardValet™ Video

Take better control of your cards and your money today.

To enroll, simply download the application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to your mobile device or tablet and have your cardholder information ready to enter. Field & Main relationship bankers are also glad to assist you. Visit your nearest Field & Main banking center or call (888) 831-1500.

Your debit card knows your habits, whether you realize it or not. Before you head on vacation, let Field & Main add a travel note to your account to help ensure your debit card use isn’t interrupted or mistaken for fraudulent activity.

Before you go, contact Field & Main Bank and let us know:

  • The dates you’re away
  • The states and countries you’re visiting or traveling through

Call us at (888) 831-1500 or stop by a Field & Main banking center to get started.

At Field & Main, we know you value both convenience and security when communicating with our team. To ensure the confidentiality of private information shared via email from our company to you, we’ve partnered with Zix Corporation, an email encryption service.

Zix’s easy-to-use, email protection system makes it seamless for you to receive, read and reply to all encrypted email communication we send you. Email is securely sent from our organization and delivered directly to your inbox, ensuring your private information remains just that – private.

Register for Zix Today

Field & Main employees only have access to your information for conducting legitimate business purposes, and they’re trained to respect your privacy and safeguard your personal information.

Field & Main will never contact customers via email, phone, or mail to request or verify security information, passwords, personal identification numbers, etc.

Any such attempt to collect or confirm information is fraudulent. If this happens to you, please notify Field & Main immediately.

Learn more about IDProtect and personal protection.

The best overdraft protection is to carefully monitor your account balances and to stop spending when they get too low. But we know that mistakes happen. So we provide qualifying customers with a simple way to end the fees and inconveniences associated with overdraft. It’s called Bounce Protection.

Bounce Protection is a discretionary overdraft service offered to customers once certain criteria is met.* It provides a safety net up to an automatically assigned overdraft limit. As long as you maintain your account in good standing*, we may approve your overdraft items within your current available Bounce Protection limit as a non-contractual courtesy.

You’re only charged for Bounce Protection when you use it. The overdraft item fee is $33 for each overdrawn item created by a traditional paper-based check, a teller withdrawal, an automatic payment (ACH) transaction or a recurring debit card payment. Also, if you have requested us to do so, we may authorize and cover ATM transfers or withdrawals and everyday debit card purchases.

You should make every attempt to bring your account to a positive end-of-day balance as soon as possible, and you must do so within 30 calendar days. If you are not able to do so, you will receive a letter from Field & Main informing you that your Bounce Protection limit has been suspended, additional items will be returned and the overdraft fee of $33 will be charged.

To help you manage your account, the total fees you have paid for items (both paid and returned) during the current month and for the year-to-date will be reflected on your monthly statement.

Bounce Protection covers many of the accounts at Field & Main, and is a service available to Field & Main customers after your account opens. If you would like to add Bounce Protection to your account, have this service removed from your account, or if you have questions about how it works, give us a call. We’d be happy to help.

* For overdraft privilege continuation, your account is in “good standing” if you (1) make sufficient deposits to bring your account to a positive end-of-day balance at least once every 30 calendar days (including the payment of all bank fees and charges); (2) avoid excessive overdrafts suggesting the use of Bounce Protection as a continuing line of credit; and (3) there are no legal orders, levies or liens against your account.

We understand that sometimes you can’t make it to a Field & Main banking center during normal business hours. We offer extended phone support hours to better serve you. You may speak directly with a bank associate Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Whether you want information about a product or service, have questions about your account or need to report a lost or stolen card, we’ll be available to provide fast, convenient and professional support.

Call us toll-free at (888) 831-1500.

To enroll in our online banking, view our a step by step video.

For help logging in the first time, view step by step instructions.

For instructions to enroll for our mobile app, view the step by step guide.

Forgot your online banking password? View our video for how to reset your password for online banking. You can also view step by step directions for how to reset your password on our mobile app.