Welcome HomeEligible homebuyers can receive up to $20,000 in down payment and/or closing cost assistance
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Warm up Your Savings This WinterLimited Time Only: 9-Month and 13-Month CD Special
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Is your Home Ready for Winter?Promotional 6-Month HELOC Rate of 1.99% APR. Variable APR after, currently 8.50%
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Craft the Right Account Field & Main is focused on your needs, that is why we have created a tool to help you select the right checking account. And you can open the account online in minutes!
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Businesses Are Built. Success is Crafted.We match your commitment with our passion for providing you with meaningful solutions and service.

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Field & Main Bank® believes that banking starts with relationships. Here, you’re a friend, a neighbor, and then a customer.
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Worry-Free Withdrawals. Painless Deposits. Safety & Security Come Standard.

Field & Main Bank was designed to feel different. With your uniqueness in mind, we’ve designed our personal banking solutions to match your financial lifestyle.

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Protect Your Business. Secure Your Vision. Loans, Checking, & Much More.

You pour yourself into your business, ensuring that it’s built to serve your customers well. Strengthen it with Field & Main Bank’s success-driving business services.

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Community Banking:
Convenience & Comfort Close to Home.

Our community banking centers promote a unique and personalized customer experience regardless of your location. Our relationship bankers are dedicated to your personal and professional success.

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Field & Main Bank was designed to feel different. We want to help you be the best you by providing the friendly, welcoming approach that other institutions won’t offer.