“I’ve always loved my job. I feel challenged, connected, and surrounded by the best team of people I could possibly hope for.”
Scott Davis
Chairman & CEO of Field & Main Bank

Who We Are

Community built us. Now, we’re returning the favor.

In 2015, Field & Main bank formed through the merger of two local community banks: Ohio Valley Financial Group, chartered in 1934 & Bank Trust Financial, chartered in 2000. We believed in these organizations, in their unique and diverse talents that so easily complemented each other. It was only natural to join forces and work together to support the community we all love. And so, as our shared vision aligned, we unified our efforts to work toward a new why:

Building Community.

Field & Main exists to extend civic and economic resources to those who need it. To build long-lasting relationships with our clients and colleagues. To simplify the banking experience — and make it personal. We strive to provide a unique experiences to all of our clients throughout Henderson, Lexington, and Cynthiana, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana.

But, simplicity isn’t easy. That’s why everyone desires it — because it’s a rare commodity these days. And so, we’re bringing back long-forgotten values. We’re getting back to the basics, with the support of cutting-edge tools that make for convenient, comfortable client experiences. We’re providing a personal touch that no other banking entity can offer, by creating the simplified banking experience our customers crave. It all comes together in a little something we like to call Modern Craft Banking.

Building Community.

To craft something is to lovingly and purposefully create something beautiful. Something significant. When we craft something, our commitment transcends mere function. We are steeped in purpose — and driven by a strong desire to leave a meaningful and lasting mark on this world. When we truly become masters of our craft, we leave a small piece of ourselves behind in its creation. It is no longer just something we’ve created. It reflects who we are, what we represent. It becomes a part of us.

At Field & Main, we are Modern Craft Banking. We are driven by the needs of our customers, motivated by their success and committed to working alongside the members of our community to craft the experiences, the lives and the futures we all desire. And deserve.

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Care & Comfort

We love it here. We love the people here. Community is at the heart of everything we do. We’re here to strengthen our relationships, support our businesses — and give back to the community that has so generously given to us.

Our Core Values:

By aligning ourselves with our core values, we find solutions and create seamless experiences for our clients. We offer dynamic and intuitive tools combined with a personal touch to deliver an unparalleled banking experience.



Get involved in meaningful ways.


Create a culture of intentional care and mutual respect.


Be innovative, inspire others and make it fun.


Craft solutions that meet unexpressed needs.


Encourage collaboration and strive for excellence.

Community Giving

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Board of Directors

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