Agricultural Loans

You can focus on farming, we’ll focus on financing.

Field & Main bankers understand the experiences & challenges you face as a farmer. We know that managing a farm requires hard work and careful financial planning. At Field & Main, we are here to help. We can build a loan solution to help you with a variety of your needs. We craft operating lines of credit, loans for equipment purchases, agricultural real estate purchase loans, real estate refinance loans, and much more. To connect with a loan officer, call us at 1-888-831-1500 or contact us.

Agriculture Lending Options Offered at Field & Main:

Farm Operating Loans

Field & Main provides funds to qualified farm customers to help with operating expenses throughout the year. Our operating lines provide you with the flexibility to borrow money when you need it, at competitive interest rates.

Real Estate Secured Line of Credit

Field & Main Bank’s real estate secured line of credit is a great option for working capital to cover daily operating needs, equipment purchases and much more. This is a great option to use equity in your farm to get a flexible line of credit at very competitive rates.

Farm Real Estate Loans

Field & Main Bank offers the security of long term fixed and variable rate financing options for your farm purchase or refinance. Whether a crop, cattle, or poultry farm we offer a loan solution to fit your needs.

Farm Equipment

Reliable equipment is the lifeblood of your farming operation. Field & Main Bank offers financing options for many types of agricultural equipment. We offer loans for tillage equipment, grain bins, haying equipment, and livestock.

Agriculture Lending Options Offered at Field & Main:

Farm Operating Loans

1. To buy farm land.

Whether you wish to grow your current farm business or are just beginning your career, a loan can help you purchase the amount of land necessary for a successful farm.

2. To cover maintenance and operating expenses

Land is expensive, but so is the cost of operations, maintenance, and equipment.
You can have all the land you want, but if you don’t have the proper tools and processes to operate it, you can’t farm it.

If you’re already running a successful farm, investing in and utilizing better equipment can help eliminate some time spent in the field.

How Do I Qualify for an Agricultural Loan?

To qualify for a loan, applicants must meet certain eligibility requirements, including:

  • Have a good credit score
  • Possess the capacity to pay loan obligations
  • Be the owner or operator of the farm in question
  • Not be delinquent on a federal debt

What kinds of businesses are agricultural loans limited to?​

Many types of businesses and operations exist within the industrial umbrella of “agriculture,” such as food processors, food transport companies, farm equipment manufacturers, and seed suppliers. Agricultural lending is typically reserved specifically for farmers who either own their own farm or are hoping to start one.

What paperwork is required for my first ag lending meeting at Field & Main?

Bring all business documentation and financial records related to your business, as well as anything that tells your story. Be prepared to discuss any and all questions you might have regarding ag lending. We’ll do our best to provide you with concise, informative answers.

Why Choose Field & Main?

We’re more than a lender. We’re relationship-driven and community focused bankers. We’re capable of offering short and long-term fixed-rate loans with low-cost financing. So regardless of your financial state, Field & Main can help you run the farm you’ve always dreamed of. Visit any of our convenient locations in Henderson, Cynthiana or Lexington, Kentucky, or Evansville Indiana to talk one-on-one with an ag lender.

We're here to help.

Together, we can build a solution to keep your farm business running smoothly.

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