Bridge Loans

Financial security for when you’re “between homes.”

A bridge loan from Field & Main can help keep your plans on track when there’s a gap between selling and buying a home.

Bridge loans allow for:

  • Interest-only payments during the term of the bridge loan
  • Quick, local decisions
  • Access to rates and applications online

Here is a quick example of how a Bridge loan could work:

Let’s say you have a current mortgage against your existing home, but you’re wanting to buy another home before your existing home has sold. A Bridge loan would pay off the mortgage against your existing home, and you would have a temporary Bridge loan secured by your existing home until it sells. The funds from the sale of your existing home are used to pay off the bridge loan. The Bridge loan is then replaced by a traditional mortgage with principal and interest payments secured by the new home you are purchasing.

The down payment and closing costs for your next house may be covered by the funds in this Bridge loan depending on the amount of equity in your home. You could be loaned up to 90% of the value of your home.

FAQs About Bridge Loans

How does a bridge loan differ from a conventional mortgage loan?

The difference between a bridge loan and a conventional mortgage loan is that a bridge loan is a short-term or temporary loan backed by the value of your existing home that you are listing for sale. The specific goal of a bridge loan is to help you transition from home-to-home without the monetary stress of getting your current home sold before closing on the purchase of your new home.

When should you apply for a bridge loan?

If you are considering selling your existing home (or primary residence) to move to a new home, a bridge loan could be an option for you and your family.


How do I qualify for a bridge loan?

Talk to a loan officer today to learn more about bridge loan qualifications. Let us help you determine if this is a good option for you.


What are the pros and cons of a bridge loan for homebuyers?


  • Allows flexibility if you want to move out of your existing home before listing it for sale.
  • You can make an offer on a new home without the sale of your current home being a contingency.
  • Allows you to make interest only payments during the transition period.


  • The Bridge loan term is temporary and must be paid off and converted to another type of loan at maturity.
  • Interest only payments means you will not be paying down on the principal during the transition period.
  • You will be responsible for paying your taxes and home insurance for your existing home. With a Bridge loan, those items are not escrowed into your payment like they are with a traditional mortgage loan.

Why Choose Field & Main for Your Bridge Loan?

We’re more than a bank. We’re relationship-driven lending experts. To learn more about the relationships we build with homeowners through our lending services, get in touch with a mortgage lending expert today. Contact us online or talk with a mortgage lender at one of our convenient locations in Lexington, Henderson, or Cynthiana, Kentucky and Evansville, Indiana.

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