Commercial Construction Loans

Find affordable, flexible financing to make your business expansion goals a reality.

What is a Commercial Construction Loan?

Construction loans are a form of temporary financing that can be used to cover a variety of construction-related costs from planning stages to completion. When your project is completed, your construction loan can be refinanced to a permanent loan.

What can a Construction Loan be used for?

Commercial construction loans can be used to build owner-occupied commercial properties and properties to be leased, as well as for the development of commercial spaces. Constructions loans can fund all stages of building, including:

  • Creating building plans
  • Purchasing land
  • Prepping sites, including land grading and installing utility lines
  • Paying for permits
  • Paying for materials, labor, and other building costs

How do Construction Loans work?

Unlike commercial real estate loans, construction loans usually come with shorter, twelve-month terms. Instead of receiving a lump-sum amount, you can make draws upon your loan, as stages of your project are completed. During the construction process, you have the option of making interest-only payments to keep out-of-pocket costs manageable. Once your project has been completed, you can work with a Field & Main lender to establish permanent, long-term real estate financing. A lifetime of ag banking experience starts with understanding success is measured in acres not hours.

Why Get a Commercial Construction Loan with Field & Main Bank?

At Field & Main, our lenders live and work in the communities they serve and are dedicated partners in the success of your business. With Urgency & Care that you would expect from your local trusted advisor, we continually strive to meet your small business banking needs. We offer exceptional accessibility and availability, before, during, and after your loan closes, with direct lines of communication. And because we’re based right here in Central Kentucky, Western Kentucky, and Southern Indiana, you can take advantage of fast, local decision-making and in-person, one-on-one assistance, when you need it most.

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