Community & Cause

Congratulations to Jobs for Kentucky’s Grads
on their 6,000+ votes to win $20,000

$20,000 Winner!

The 56,704 votes are in! Thanks to your participation, we’re thrilled to announce that Jobs for Kentucky Grads is the recipient of the $20,000 award. Your dedication has made a significant impact in our community.

Learn more about the great work JAGKY is doing at

A Message to our Valued Non-Profit Leaders

As the dust settles on our Community & Cause campaign, we reflect on the extraordinary tapestry of participation that was woven together by 106 non-profits, each a thread vital to the vibrancy and strength of our community fabric.

Building Community: A Collective Success Our shared vision of building a stronger, more connected community was illuminated with every vote cast, every story shared, and every goal set by your incredible organizations. We hope this experience has been as enriching for you as it has been for us.

Looking Ahead: A Gathering on the Horizon We are excited to announce that we are already planning a non-profit focused event in early 2024. This will be a space to deepen our ties, share insights, and celebrate our collective efforts in philanthropy.

Innovative Banking: Simplifying Donations We understand that the lifeblood of your operations is the generosity of your supporters. Field & Main Bank is committed to easing this journey with digital banking tools designed to make receiving donations as simple as a click, ensuring that your focus remains on your mission and impact.

A Partnership Invitation: Join Us We extend a heartfelt invitation for your organization to consider the comprehensive banking solutions at Field & Main Bank. From donation management to financial planning, we strive to be more than a bank; we seek to be your partner in progress, a reliable support system for your noble cause.

Let’s Discuss Your Future with Us We would be honored to discuss how we can assist with your banking needs and how, together, we can continue to build upon the foundation laid by Community & Cause. Please reach out below to explore what a partnership could look like.

Thank you for the work you do, the community you build, and the lives you touch. We look forward to the possibility of not just continuing our relationship but strengthening it in the years to come.

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