Working Capital Loans

Stabilize your business as it grows.

What is a Working Capital Loan?

A working capital loan is a type of business loan that covers everyday expenses such as payroll, rent or mortgage payments, supplies or inventory, and other bills. Essentially, a working capital loan is intended to help you “keep the lights on.” It isn’t meant for long-term asset purchases, such as equipment or real estate.

What Does A Working Capital Loan Cover?

Every business will confront a cash flow problem at one time or another. Whether you’re experiencing a seasonal slowdown, supply chain problem, or other interruption, a working capital loan can help with:

  • Make payroll
  • Pay your rent or commercial mortgage
  • Operational costs
  • Purchase supplies or inventory
  • Pay critical vendors
  • …and more!

Benefits of a Working Capital Loan

  • Flexible amortization
  • Competitive rates
  • Convenient terms
  • Quick, local decisions


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