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Stories from the Field: Why Personal Relationships Are Key

Recently, Field & Main Bank Chairman and CEO Scott Davis sat down with Jeff Jackson, President, Field & Main Wealth Management division, to discuss community involvement and relationship building within our wealth management team.

Jeff Jackson has served in roles at regional banks and community banks; both large and small. But, according to Jeff, Field & Main has a unique advantage.

When asked by Scott Davis what makes Field & Main Bank unique, Jeff had this to say…

“We’ve been at this over 130 years and we’ve had pretty substantial organic growth over that time. But I think our size provides us with an opportunity to be nimble, to be responsive to clients’ needs. And really it gets down to that. It gets down to the individual level. We have clients that, and it doesn’t matter the age I’m surprised sometimes, but, they like to text. So, we’ll do that. We’ll text message and it’s amazing how close you can stay with a client if you just pick up the phone. I get text messages at night sometimes, and it’s easy to answer questions and get right back to them. And you know, you’re just not going to get that just everywhere, but we’re just really uniquely positioned. We are one of the few community banks that has a full-service wealth management department and insurance department, which really allows us to fit all of our client’s needs very effectively. So it really gets back to our commitment to our communities. You certainly set the example as our leader. But…It’s easy to write a check. It’s easy to, you know, want to get your name on a building or a marquee or a billboard. When I see our folks deeply embedded in these organizations in our community in an impactful and meaningful way, which is what we really ask of our folks, rolling up our sleeves and serving in the soup kitchens or serving on the board of directors. It’s the personal involvement I think that sets us apart in many of our communities. We truly are leaders in our communities and take that very, very seriously.”

Our wealth management team works hard to serve their clients’ needs on a personal level. They strive to craft a modern approach to everyday business.

To see the full episode of Stories from the Field, click on the video above.

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