Seven Points to Consider When You Want to Withdraw Cash

During this time, we want you to be confident that your money is safe with Field & Main Bank. The Kentucky Banker’s Association has compiled a list of seven points to think about before withdrawing your cash from your accounts:

Cash is vulnerable.

Your funds in bank accounts are federally insured to $250,000, making them much safer than keeping cash under your mattress or in your pocket.

Cash is not required.

With so many secure ways to access your accounts and to pay your bills and shop, there’s almost no reason you’ll need extra cash.

Cash makes you a potential victim.

If you have told anyone that you withdrew a large sum of cash, they may have told someone else. That places you at risk of being the victim of a crime, which can place you in harm’s way.

Cash does not have your ID.

Stolen cash, even if recovered by the police, does not carry an ID number that associates it with you. Your bank accounts do. Even if your credit cards are misappropriated, you can recover the funds.

Cash is not sanitary.

The Center of Disease Control and Prevention recommends always washing hands thoroughly after handling cash because you never know where it’s been.

Your cash IS SAFE.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear says that your cash is safe in the bank for all the reasons listed above.

Cash will be available.

The U.S. Treasurer has already determined that banks are essential service providers. You will have access whenever you need it. We are your bank and we are here for you.

For more information, contact us today at (888) 831-1500.

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