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Somewhere along the line, banking based on values gave way to bigger and faster. Banking lost its craft, its touch. At Field & Main Bank®, things feel different. It’s high-touch blended beautifully with technology and convenience. It’s an intimate understanding of how life works on farms and in offices. It’s a focus on our families, our friends and our neighbors.

We call it Modern Craft Banking®. It feels like a new way of doing things, but at the same time it feels like the way it used to be done—and maybe the way it should have always been done. As we bring this way of doing business back to our communities from Henderson to Lexington and back, we’d love for you to discover what we’re so proud of. We’d love for you to discover Field & Main Bank.

  • Personal Banking

    Here, you find an extended hand and a group of people committed to a better way of banking. Show us how we can make your financial life better. We’ll show you personal banking built for you.

  • Business Banking

    Your business is important to us. Not only are you providing important products and services to our community, you’re building something special from the ground up. We admire that, and we give you our very best business banking solutions to help you flourish.