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    July 3, 2014 

    The merger will increase the service capacity and reach of the newly branded bank. With the expansion, the bank will be the premier community bank in Henderson and poised to become an even stronger community leader. Anticipating a 2015 brand kickoff, the bank will serve the Henderson, Kentucky area, and stretch from southern Indiana to central Kentucky.

    “Modern craft banking” will be the brand promise, offering a more uniquely personal experience than typically expected from a bank. “Currently, the demand for a better banking experience is running high,” said Scott Davis, chairman and CEO of Ohio Valley Financial Group. “We’re moving away from impersonal toward a carefully crafted experience that revives almost forgotten values and pairs them with modern progress. We’re excited to bring our new approach to banking to more people, while also adding services and conveniences to enhance quality and consistency for our existing customers.”

    “As one bank,” shared Dale Sights, president and CEO of BankTrust Financial, “we will reach a new segment of an expanding audience thanks to our new partnership with Ohio Valley. We will approach modern craft banking as the solution for today; we all need the immediacy of online and mobile banking, but there is a rising and renewing appreciation for well-handled relationships, customization, exceptions to the rules and inspiring innovation.”

    “A unique service experience in banking is a top priority for any bank looking to expand and grow in the future, and this bank will deliver that from the start. Modern craft banking will exhibit our passion for our work and our commitment to the details, which make all the difference. We’re excited for the opportunity,” concluded Davis.

    “We’re calling the new entity Field & Main Bank, and it will be a company that really understands and loves craft banking,” said Sights. “Partnering allows us to refocus our efforts on our shared core values, helping us bring our vision for what banking can be to an eager audience.”

    Field & Main Bank is expected to officially open in January 2015. Organized by the Boards of Directors of Ohio Valley Financial Group and BankTrust Financial Group, the bank will be headquartered in Henderson, Kentucky. Their aim is to bring modern craft banking to its customers and have a great deal of community impact in the process. It is this passion for serving and improving that inspires Field & Main to become a one-of-a-kind experience.