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CRA File

Under the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA), Field & Main Bank® is required to make the information on this site available to the public.  The CRA Public File is available to view or print from this site, if desired.

The CRA Public File includes written comments from the public, as well as the bank’s responses, CRA Performance Evaluations, a list of Field & Main banking centers and ATM locations, services offered by the bank, a list of banking centers opened or closed by Field & Main Bank, as well as a listing of the bank’s assessment areas.

On January 26, 2015, Ohio Valley Financial Group, Inc. and BankTrust Financial Corp merged to form Field & Main Bank. Therefore, some of the information included in the CRA Public File may be applicable to either of the two previous institutions because of timing requirements.

Comments or questions about Field & Main Bank’s CRA performance may be addressed to:

Field & Main Bank
CRA Officer
PO Box 5
Henderson, KY 42419

Written Comments

Performance Evaluation

Banking Centers

Banking Centers Opened/Closed

2017 Field & Main Bank HMDA Disclosure

2016 Field & Main Bank HMDA Disclosure


Assessment Area

Loan to Deposit Ratio