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Medicare Supplement Insurance

Medicare Supplement Insurance

Questions about open enrollment? Field & Main has answers.

Medicare insurance is a government-sponsored health insurance program available to most people aged 65 or older and who have paid into Social Security. It’s divided into several sections with differing costs and choices.

Part A covers hospital treatment costs. In most cases there’s no premium payment, but recipients pay a deductible and also pay some coinsurance depending upon their medical treatments throughout the year. Part B covers medical treatments outside of hospitals. Part B has an annual premium that is dependent on the recipient’s income and Social Security benefits. Recipients also pay a deductible and coinsurance.

Medicare recipients can also opt to take out a Medicare Advantage plan—sometimes called Part C. This means that the recipients will still pay for the Part B premium, but will get more choice over the balance of costs (premium, deductible and coinsurance) and coverage. They may also get coverage for services such as vision, hearing and dental that aren’t covered by ordinary Medicare.

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