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Personal Electronic Services

Field & Main® gives you multiple ways to access modern craft banking. Powerful technology, convenient banking tools and anywhere access make it possible. Backing from expert bankers makes it a pleasure.

  • Mobile Banking

    Don’t wait a second for access to your financials. Move money or just check in on it from just about anywhere using our mobile banking apps.

  • Mobile Deposit

    Don’t get up; you’ve got mobile deposit. Deposit a check anytime, anywhere by simply taking a picture of your check.

  • Online Banking

    Internet access gives you unparalleled access to your Field & Main accounts. Pay bills, move money and much, much more with online banking.

  • Online Bill Pay

    There’s something wonderfully freeing about having payments reliably going out on schedule. Once you try paying bills online, you’ll never go back to the old way.

  • Electronic Statements

    By receiving your banking statements electronically, you get one less thing in your mailbox. It’s faster access to your statement in an encrypted file that you can file, store or print.

  • Person-to-Person Payments

    Did a friend pick up dinner? Need to send your niece a graduation present? With an email address, you can send money to anyone easier than ever.

  • Phone Banking

    Field & Main gives you access to many features over the phone. Dial in 24/7 for fast access.